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From nature to nature.

Enchant2 jdoo is a company engaged in the production of comercial mycorrhiza products, sale of organic products for agriculture, application of preparations, consulting in agriculture and production of organic products.
We offer soil, fruits and yield analysis services  as well as drafting projects for establishment  permanent crops.


What is mycorrhiza and how does it work?

Mycorrhiza  is  symbiotic association between plant roots and fungi or bacteria.

Their main role is to increase the intake of nutrients and water by the host plant by utilizing more nutrients from the soil.  than that  the roots can only do. Mycorrhizae can occur in a number of forms, depending on the taxonomy of the plants  and the taxonomy of fungi or bacteria. Prevalence  in ecosystems it is associated with plant distribution  and climatic and environmental  conditions. Mycorrhiza  helps plants  in defense against pathogens.

Mycorrhizae are used in agriculture, forestry and environmental restoration.  The ability of mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria to accumulate heavy metals and radionuclides makes  them to potential candidates for the restoration and remediation of polluted environments. 

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